Wednesday, April 19, 2006

cluster of moments

1.The other day (read : the other night), I was standing on the embankment of the Kelantan River (Sungai Kelantan).So silent.Believed me, I was the only one there. So lonely. I have to talk to someone (but nobody there). Looking around in the dark, what could one see? Only the black water, inky face, black hair, dusky trees, unlit houses, gloomy skies; or whatever you named them; all wrapped up in black shirts (shirts?).[It's okey to me : to put them in shirts]. Certainly, I'm still breathing. I remembered my friend, Wan A. Rafar (also a poet) whose house was on this river bank (this Kelantan River)- quite a distance away - and tried to whispered these pleasant (?) moments to him. Nothing happened. Nothing. Wan A.Rafar know nothing about this; non of his business. Sorry, Wan A Rafar.

2.Back home, I could not sleep that night. Strange voices loaded my mind. Automatically downloaded (?). As a poet (am I?), why not all those voices to be put on paper initially as a draft. Infront of my computer, my mind keep on lingering over. What should I write? Something struck my mind. I was thinking of turning against those feelings which I experienced (by the Kelantan River), into the brighter colors. Bravo! It sounds nice and this was the chance I should grasp. So, I wrote this poem (unfinished one and untitled):
The moon never hurt anyone, no one
but showering the earth gratis
with your silver beams;
touch everyone's hair,
everyone's heart,
all trees, all leaves, all buldings - low or high -,
all birds, all rivers : the Kelantan River too;
and me.
The sky is gleaming and trees are glowing.
I feel so delighted. As the breeze or
as the drift.

(Darma Mohammad)

3.Wan A.Rafar and Readers, I'm sorry for this. I have to edit this poem next time ( I do not know when). Post your suggestions if any. Bye.

(Darma Mohammad)


wan a. rafar said...

i just read it today. and now i,m waiting for the finished poem. keep on writing.

auntylela said...

The peom has an impact of shovering everything and everybody with the blanketing moonlight.
Reading the peom, I can see you standing there, staring up at the moon and not thinking of anything at all.