Friday, October 09, 2015


"Saya bukan periwayat yang dingin."

Svetlana Alexievich 
Pemenang Hadiah Nobel Kesusasteraan 2015

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"I think that if I can understand these questions myself than it would be easy for me to speak to anyone.  Both on scene or when I am writing I wish to have a feeling of talking to nearest friends. I wish to tell them what I realised in this life. I never accept the role of a judge, I am not a cool chronicler. My heart is always there. The question that worries me is how long we can walk this road of horror, how much a human being can bear. That's why the poetics of tragedy are important for me. It is important when somebody says that he or she has read such horrible books and feels better, that a reader got tears and these were purifying tears. You should have all this things in mind and not just overwhelm people with horror."

Wawancara penuh sila lihat di sini. Apa yang baik ambil, apa yang buruk tohok. Wassalam.

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