Friday, September 01, 2006


Virtue is tougher
than steel.
Truth is more potent
than gem.

Pasir Mas, 1988. By DARMA MOHAMMAD
Translated from Bahasa Melayu by the author.
[The poem Aphorism (2) is taken from my poetry book entitled JANJANG IKTIKAF, published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur, 2003]
This is the Bahasa Melayu version of the poem :
Keluhuran lebih liat
daripada keluli.
Kebenaran lebih ampuh
daripada pualam.
Pasir Mas, 1988. Oleh DARMA MOHAMMAD


alah bahasa said...

Pak Darma,

I love aphorisms. What I love more is play on words - actually not really playing - like in:
(i) we can't forgive those we've wronged;
(ii) we hurt most those whom we love
and more such stuff.

Ok, on the virtue thang - would you agree that these days, virtue is considered sort of a weakness. The 'berbudi bahasa, bersopan santun' Malays of old has made way for the 'lanun biadab'. You may tegur my anak rightfully but he/she & I can serang you - otherwise 'bacul' / not macho. So we ourselves have reduced so called virtue to nothingness like 'gula pasir tak manis lagi - yang hanya x lebih drp pasir'.

What's your take, sir.



ufukhati said...


1.Thank you for your comments.
2.I think "keluhuran" still stands. I can't find the best word for "keluhuran" in English.
3.Tuan, I agree with you on that "nothingness" but is it mainly because of "keluhuran"?
4.I get your points and need more advice from tuan.

alah bahasa said...

Just a clarification, tuan. Keluhuran is spot-on. My comments actually highlighted the changed value/mindset of our people.

Btw, my besan orang Bachok, so shd I visit, hopefully we could meet up and have a F2F dsicussion on these sort of stuff.

Till then, keep up the good work.


ufukhati said...


A very good idea tuan.
I'm very pleased to meeting a great person like tuan.

dumbdodi said...

Hi Ufukhati...after a long time my friend..I mean you writing in English. Very strong lines.
I don't know anything about aphorisms, will read up on them.

*fizzy* said...

Assalamualaykum, Pak Darma.
An interesting blog you have here.
Found yours when I was browsing through a friend's blog and you left a comment there.

I'm fond of reading, and always hoping to become a writer someday.
Just that I lack talent and imagination.
Maybe reading your blog might give me some help, insyaALLAH.
(Have to look through your archives.)

And to know that you're from Pasir Mas just adds to my excitement.
Perhaps I should pay you a visit. :)

ufukhati said...


How love to hear that you like the lines.

Yes ddd, I'm thinking of writing just simple lines with universal truth. And that is the hardest part of it.

Perhaps you could help me in writing aphorism one day. It must be pithy and concise of course.

Okay, keep searching.




Thank you for stopping by.

Very interesting, if you like to be a writer. Just write and you are a writer! Talent : no body knows. I don't think I have that talent. But I just write and write and write. You have using so many words in your blog and in good arragement too. You're a "writer" now.

You're welcome. Doors of my cottage are opened to you and your friends. Just call on some day when you feel like to.

fizzy, thank you.

starry nights said...

Virtue is stronger thansteel. nice lines.

ufukhati said...

starry nights,

Give life a pen,
and a paper,
then a poem is written.

Thank you.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful Ufukhati...

"Give life a pen,
and a paper,
then a poem is written."


ufukhati said...


In front of us
is a sea of words,
just pluck and play.

Thank you, kathleen.