Thursday, June 08, 2006

GLIMPSE : The Apology Of Socrates

You too, gentlemen of the jury, must look forward to death with confidence, and fix your minds on this one belief, which is certain; that nothing can harm a good man either in life or after death, and his fortunes are not a matter of indifference to the gods....I am quite clear that the time had come when it was better for me to die and be released from my distractions.
Now it is time that we were going, I to die and you to live, but which of us has the happier prospect is unknown to anyone but God.

Postscript :
Meletus, Anytus and Lycon had brought a public action against Socrates as being a menace to society (Socrates has corrupted the mind of the young).
The verdit is "Guilty", and Meletus proposes for the death- penalty.
The jury decides for the death-penalty.
(Ref : "The Last Days of Socrates" by Plato, translated by Hugh Tredennick, Penguin Books, Reprinted 1971. 200 pp.)


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Socrates is dead. His words still alive.