Tuesday, June 20, 2006


"As culture is defined by the elements derived from the moral principle, it is also defined by beauty. If culture is basically an "atmosphere", it is clear that the element of beauty plays a major role in that atmosphere. Creativity is inextricably linked to aesthetic sensibility. In fact, the ability of individuals to affect their environment is also connected with some aesthetic considerations. It is well known in the field of trade and industry that "a poor commodity does not sell".

(Ref : The Question Of Culture (2003), Malik Bennabi, Islamic Book Trust, Kuala Lumpur, p.78)

Postscript :
Malik Bennabi (1905-1973) was a scholar and thinker from Algeria. Educated in Algiers and Paris, he graduated in electrical engineering from a polytechnic school in Paris. He has written many books on Islam and Culture.


Poetry by Kai said...

thanks, did u see my chatbox?

ufukhati said...


I've check it. Thank you.

auntylela said...

Your profile doesn't say much about you. Some bloggers refer you as a famous poet, orang yang terkenal dalam dunia sasterawan Malaya.
Very interesting.
Boleh saya baca sajak-sajak sdr?

auntylela said...
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ufukhati said...


Saya akui saya menulis, tapi tak pernah mengakui penulis terkenal. Mungkin itu kata orang. Saya tulis puisi sejak 1971 dan diikuti oleh cerpen, novel dan esei.
Dari masa ke masa saya muat kembali puisi-puisi saya yang telah dicetak dalam NOSTALGIA blog ini. Dua buah antologi puisi perseorangan saya ialah GERNYUT NAFAS dan JANJANG IKTIKAF.

Terima kasih atas perhatian sdr. halela. Sama-sama kita marakkan dunai sastera Melayu teras nurani bangsa.