Tuesday, May 23, 2006

cluster of moments : POSTING WORDS

I just like to write. And writing make me awake (read : alive). I like to express myself. Exploring the dreams, talking to the winds, listening to silence, or craving the vision; all wraped up in one large sack. These are the moments that painted my heart and soul.

Some words had been circulated around to some blogs recently; as a comment to what has been raised up. I can't say they are poetry. Say : just a cluster of words or a register of feelings or insights.

Here are some of them :

The door of wisdom is never locked; yet man keeps on knocking the window.

The moon appears
And walks into my heart
The moon disappears
And loses in the clouds
I still keep awake
searching for the beams.

Peace is a very beautiful word. It should be grown in the very beautiful heart.

Sence the poem. Appreciate. Like the breeze, I did not care about its small split wings or small fractured feathers. As I still know, it is the breeze and its sill blustery.

When the rain whispers
the human heart melts.

Your words are breathing
and I'm not reading them
I'm touching.
Let me sip the sound
of your life.

Others are roaming around the cosmos. Some day, I'll catch and pin them here for all my visitors.


wan a. rafar said...

Saat-saat kreatifmu, nampaknya tidak dapat dibendung. Teruskan. I,m waiting for your works.

ufukhati said...

Setelah berjanji untuk menjadi penulis, apa lagi yang mampu dibuat; Insya Allah akan diteruskan.

Every one (including Sdr.)knows how painful this realm is. Still I love to love it (writing).