Sunday, May 07, 2006


As a reminder, every poet has to read this one. Actually its good for everyone on earth. If you think life is/as poetry; you are a poet too. You talk. You listen. You act. You react. You sleep. You dream. You write. You read. And life goes on....One day, you encounter these words :

"And the poets, only the erring people follow them;
Do you not see how they wander in every way?
And how they say that which themselves they do not practice?
Except those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, and remember GOD frequently, and defend themselves after being oppressed; and those who do wrong shall soon come to know what punishment awaits them."

(The Poets / AL SYU'ARAA : 26 : 224,225,226,227)


wan a. rafar said...

Sdr Darma,
Aku harap aku tidak termasuk ke dalam golongan penyair ini, yang mengembara dari lembah ke lembah, dan tidak beramal dengan apa yang dikatakan.

ufukhati said...

Anda mengembara dari lembah ke lembah; bukan menghambur kata; tetapi mengajak manusia ke arah takwa serta berpesan-pesan tentang kebenaran dan berpesan-pesan tentang kesabaran.Anda mendapat pahala besar daripada Allah.