Saturday, May 06, 2006

cluster of moments : Singing with a fish

No one ever sings with a fish, I guess. At this second, you may ask me one silly question : Does fish sing? Anything did happen. If you see, fish walks, you have to believe your ears that fish sings. Of course fish talked, one old lady told me a few years back. She was correct. And the other day I sang a song; a duet wih a fish.

The lyric sounds like this :

Birds bawl, birds die
Children cry, children die
Someone guns down the living souls
Only the husk and the dust glide
across the oceans of despair.

The lyricist wanted to remain anonymous.


milica said...

i like this
lovely imagery

ufukhati said...


Thank you.

I heard the cries of everything;
and inside me laughter withered.

Please visit again.